You are invited to apply for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card

Tangerine Credit Card

Hello Saver!,

After a very long wait ( I have been waiting for this for 3 years ) I finally received an invite to try the new Tangerine Money Back Credit Card.

Why is this so special for me ( its just a credit card after all )? Well, I have told you in previous post that I had cancelled my Checking and Savings Accounts with Desjardins due to their lack of customer service and their stupid fees.

That was the point when I decided to look for a new bank and decided to try Tangerine and found their Orange Key Bonus, so I moved everything to the Tangerine Bank.

EXCEPT, that they didn’t have a freaking Credit Card!!!

So I had to keep my credit card with Desjardins since I couldn’t fine another one that was worth it.

Well, my wait is almost over, today I received the email below:

Tangerine Orange Key - Credit Card Application

Dear Jairo,

Thanks for registering for the Preview of the new Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card. You’re now invited to apply for the Card online at

It’s easy. Just log in at and complete a simple online application. You’ll be done in a few minutes.

Remember, the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card lets you:

  • Choose up to 3 spending categories that pay you 2% Money-Back Rewards. Get 1% back on all other┬ápurchases.
  • Choose to have your Money-Back Rewards applied automatically each month either to your Credit Card balance or deposited into your Tangerine Savings Account.

Apply now at

Thanks again for choosing Tangerine.

Peter Aceto
President & CEO, Tangerine

So I immediately applied for my Tangerine Credit Card and got approved!

Now I just have to patiently wait for my card on the mail!

If you want an Orange Credit Card too, just click on any of the links on the email I received and register for the Tangerine Card preview, with a little bit of luck you will get an invite soon!

I hope you get yours soon!