Tangerine Canada Orange Key 50 dollars bonus is Back!!!

Whooohooo the $50 dollars bonus is back!!! Here is how you can get $350 dollars in bonus from Tangerine Canada:

  1. Open your Tangerine Thrive Checking Account or Savings Account with the Orange Key from the right of this page. Get you $50 dollar bonus!
  2. Then ask your wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend to open an account and enter YOUR OWN Tangerine Orange Key, so you get another $50 dollars bonus and your wife gets another $50 dollars.  ( So far you have got $150 in bonuses !! )
  3. Then you both transfer your payroll to Tangerine Canada and each one of you receives an additional $100 dollar bonus!!!

So between you both you have $350 dollars in bonuses! That is going to help you save money this Christmas! Too good to be true?  There is one catch, you have to hurry up!!! The promo ends on March 31st 2016. Still don’t believe me? Here are the official pages from ING Direct with the promotions:

I hope you don’t miss this opportunity to make some free money and to start banking with one of the best banks I have ever dealt with. Take care! Jairo.

Tangerine Orange Key: Biometric