The One thing I did not like about the Tangerine Bank

They just started charging $45 dollars for transferring out the funds from RSP’s and TFSA’s to another bank.

I just got this  on my Tangerine Message Board:

Tangerine Fees


While they say that the fees they charge are the lower than what the other banks charge, it is not by much: When I transferred my funds out of Desjardins ( see what got me fed up from them here ) I got charget $50 for my TFSA and $50 for my RSP.

I remember the Tangerine rep said that it was unfair to be charged to transfer our own money and now Tangerine is doing it too 🙁

Anyways, I am not planning to move my money out from tangerine, since as you know I love this bank. It is just odd that they now want to charge $45 bucks for this.