Ing Direct Canada $50 bonus with the Orange Key


I just wanted to let you know that ING Direct is offering a $50 dollar bonus again for opening your account with them.

You just have to open an account at with my orange key 36098341S1 and activate it with 100 dollars to get the bonus.

Also remember that the $100 dollars gift card from Apple is still active, so ING will mail you the $100 Apple Gift Card if you switch your payroll to ING.

So, long story short you can now get $150 free from ING Direct, but hurry up! Both promotions end on December 31st.

Here is the official announcement from

“Get in the spirit of giving and get something wonderful back in return! Now when you refer friends and family to ING DIRECT, you will be doubly rewarded. Instead of $25, we’re giving $50* to you and $50 to your friend.

Like the holiday season, this offer will be over before you know it. You have until December 31st to double up. Get your friends, family, colleagues, elves and all to sign up for ING DIRECT and open an Account with $100 or more in it.”

Take care, and hurry up because offer expires soon!


P.S: Please use my orange key when opening the account, I would really appreciate it: 36098341S1


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