How you can get $350 free from ING Direct Canada using an Orange Key


Today I am going to show how you how me and my wife got $350 from ING Direct Canada using an Orange Key so you can get them it too!.

First you have to wait until the ING Bonus is $50 dollars, they usually give the $50 dollar bonus for one month every 3-4 months, currently they are giving the fifty dollar bonus until August 31st 2012, after that date the Bonus is only $25 dollars.

Then what you have to do is to Google a Canadian Orange Key, you have to make sure that the Orange Key is a Canadian one because if you use an US Orange Key you will not get the bonus. You can use any key you find in Google J

Then open your account with that ING Direct Canada Orange Key and mail in a check for $100 minimum to activate your account, they will give you the bonus as the check is cleared, usually within 3-5 business days.

So now you have your ING Direct Canada Account and your Own Orange Key, what you have to do know is have your husband / wife to open their own Account with the difference is that they are going to use your own Orange Key and repeating the process above.

The difference is that this time you Both are going to get a $50 dollar bonus each one!  So know between you two you have made $150 dollars free!

Now the trick to make $350 is to wait until ING gives a $100 dollar bonus for switching your payroll, they also do this usually every 3-4 months, at that point you can both switch the payroll to ING Direct Canada so each one of you are going to get $100 more!

So in total you will be making $350 between you two: 50 for your first bonus, 50 for you for referring your spouse, 50 for your spouse for opening the account, 100 for you for switching your payroll and 100 for your spouse for switching the payroll.

Now the only warning that I make to you is open the account as soon as ING starts giving the $50 dollar bonus.  The reason for this is that getting the bonus usually takes 3-5 business days, and they usually give the bonus for 1 month, so if you wait until the last week of the promotion to do this probably you will get the 50 dollar bonus, but your spouse might only get a $25 dollar bonus after the promotion has ended.

I hope this helps you make a little extra in this tough times, don’t forget to take your spouse to a nice dinner with the free money you got from ING Direct Canada.

Thank you!  Jairo.