How Does ING Direct Canada Work ?



Here is a video from ING Direct Canada to help you understand how ING works:



Please see the transcript of the video below:

Welcome to ING Direct! Good to see you!

Being here means you are looking for a better way to save, great!

Because giving you the power of helping you save money is what we do.

Since 1997, ING Direct has been offering Canadian Savers something different:  The ability to earn high interest on their savings with no charges or fees.

How do we do this? By innovating, simplifying and challenging the old way of doing things

We don’t have expensive branches to maintain, instead, we pass the savings along to you.

Banking with ING Direct Canada means you can do everything you would do with another bank without having your money feed away.  Saving, investing and daily transactions are all a breeze.

The first step to become an ING Direct Canada Saver is easy:

1. You enrol online ( at ) or by phone and it only takes a minute.

2. Then, write a check payable to yourself for any amount, even a dollar, and mail it to ING Direct.

This will act as your first deposit, and will allow us to create a secure electronic link between an external checking account and your new ING Direct Account. From that moment on, whenever you want to deposit money or withdraw just visit and move your money back and forth .  This is completely safe and simple, like everything we do!.

Do you want to start saving your money?

You will find that it is whether the Investment Savings Account, Mutual Funds, and ING Direct Mortgage or our award wining checking account, all our products and services are designed to help you save.

And, if you want to reach your savings goal sooner, and who doesn’t, you might be interested in savings tools like “goal getter” and “Asp – automatic savings program”.

But don’t just take our word for it, discover the power of saving by yourself, today

ING Direct, Save your money!.

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  1. This is not the first time I hear from ING, I’ve never considered it bscauee of security. How can you convince me that these guys won’t rob me after I give them access to my current bank account? You now have my email address, forward me that link to together with whatever else helps convincing me of this.

    1. Im not here to convince anyone, just to express my opinion.

      As a rule of thumb, if you need to get “convinced” to get into something, then that something might be not for you.

      Take care!, Jairo.

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