Tangerine Bank is Launching Interac Flash!

Great News!  Tangerine Bank is getting prepared to launch Interac Flash.

I noticed they updated the Terms of Service to include Flash a few months ago, but I thought that it would take more time to implement the service.

I also noticed they gave a preview of the new Interac Flash cards in Twitter:

Tangerine Interac Flash photo

Also they have added a new FAQ section about Interac Flash:

Tangerine Bank Flash Interac FAC

What is Interac Flash?

From the Interac Website: “Interac Flash is Canada’s first contactless debit solution. It allows you to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently by simply holding your Interac Flash-enabled bank card in front of the reader at checkout. You can use it at merchants across Canada wherever you see the Interac Flash logo.”

Or here is a video:

How to get Tangerine Interac Flash Card?

The cards will start getting implemented in January 2017, you can get yours by calling Tangerine Bank at 1-888-826-4374.

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You can also opt out of the Interac Flash program, if you don’t want it. just give them a call.

2.4% interest – Tangerine Promo


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Free Book Offer from Tangerine
Free Book Offer from Tangerine


I just got this email from Tangerine Bank

Dear Jairo,

Delivering an exceptional and enriching Client experience is very important to us. That includes providing you with award-winning Client service, as well as simple products and tools to reach your financial goals. To add even further value, we’re always looking for ways to go beyond, offering a little something extra to help Canadians live better lives.

We’re thankful for Clients like you, who’ve chosen to bank with Tangerine and trusted us to help you get started along your financial journey. To show our appreciation, we have a special gift for you.

Our gift to you: The Wealthy Barber Returns eBook.

From now until December 31, 2016, download your free eBook copy of the popular personal finance book, The Wealthy Barber Returns. This eBook’s straightforward, easy-to-read approach on the world of money and personal finance fits perfectly with what Tangerine stands for: taking the complexity and hassles out of banking. Learn more and download your free eBook here.


Peter Aceto
President & CEO, Tangerine

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Remember to download your free copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns eBook by December 31, 2016.



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Tangerine Orange Key: Biometric