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Jairo Ottawa Tangerine Orange KeyYES! I am a real person! I hate those faceless anonymous blogs.

Hello Friend,

Thanks for stopping by in my blog, I know you are busy so I am going straight to the point:

My name is Jairo, I live in Ottawa, ON, I have 29 years and I am married with a wonderful wife.

I created this site because I wanted to share my opinion about Tangerine Bank Canada and the Orange Key initiative, I honestly think that we should get more of our banks instead of our banks getting more of us.

I am passionate about personal finance blogs and books, my dream is one day being able to be financially free and be able to help other people in the process.

I hope you like my blog, as you can see I am not a professional writer / blogger, I have my normal day job as you ( I am a real person and pay bills too! ) but I love sharing my ideas with you, I hope that maybe one of my ideas can impact your life in a positive way.

Thank you! I hope to see you around.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Jairo, the math is fine. 3% is excellent yield for nearly risk free return. Your cash is accessible anytime. an extra 21 dollars over 3 months doesn’t sound great but the question is, what would you be doing with your $5000 to earn you above and beyond 3% for nearly risk-free return? Lets not talk inflation right now. Tell me where you’d park your $5000 that beats 3%

    1. Hello Howard,

      Thanks for your comment! It is nice to see a real comment, you made my day 🙂

      3% ( from my point of view ) is an excellent interest rate, but if it is only for 3 months 3% “annual” becomes 0.75% annual ( I am doing an approximation here, I did not use the compound interest formula, I just divided the interest by 12 and multiplied by 3 months, it is not exact, but should be about the same )

      If I apply the same logic to the difference between the regular rate and the promo rate, it would be a mere 0.425% increment annual.

      What do do with the 5.000 then ?

      If you have Credit Card debt, pay it with the 5.000 and you would be saving an aprox 20% in interest, that is much more than the (between quotes) “3%” tangerine is offering in the promo.

      Now if you don’t have ANY debt ( like me! I hate debt ) and an extra 5.000, then it would make sense of taking advantage of the promo, you are right, 3% BEATS 1.3%.

      The question is how much effort am I willing to make an extra $20 once in a lifetime ? ( it would be different if it was $20, monthly, for the rest of my life, but this is just for 3 months )

      There are more efficient and quick ways to do an extra $20, for instance, posting your orange key in facebook! You just need one signup and you will get $25 🙂

      I’d like to hear what you think about my logic, I dont have all the answers so it is always interesting to talk about this stuff.
      Thank you!


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