Tangerine Orange Key Bonus

Tangerine Banner Hurry Up, open your account today! It only takes 5 minutes ( literally ) and the $50 dollars bonus promo is closing on FEBRUARY 28th 2018 !!!


 How to get your $25 $50 bonus?

This is easy and will take less than 5 minutes.

  • Go to www.tangerine.ca and click on the kind of account you are interested with.
  • Then click on “Enroll” and enter your info.
  • Don’t forget to enter the orange key above to be able to get your $25 $50 dollars bonus.
  • Activate your account by making a $100 dollars check payable to yourself and deposit it on your own Tangerine Canada Account.
  • Get your $25 $50 dollars bonus!  

Optional: If you don’t want to use your Tangerine  Account simply go to an ATM and withdraw all the money in cash. I hope you enjoy your Bonus from Tangerine Canada! Jairo Leal. PS: Open your account with the Tangerine Orange Key from above today. Seriously it only takes 5 minutes. $50 dollars for 5 minutes, pretty sweet deal!